Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional Counseling:Teach About Food as Medicine

The core of nutritional counseling begins with the knowledge that all the food we put in our bodies becomes a part of us. Your cellular health is the direct result of the food you eat. And if you don’t have your health what do you have? When you think of food in this light, it is easier to consider what foods to add and what foods to eliminate from your diet to remain in optimal health. This concept is especially crucial as America is facing an epidemic of chronic disease. According to a 2013 study by the National Resource Council and the Institute of Medicine, Americans rank last out of 17 industrialized nations in health. We have the most expensive healthcare system in the world, yet Americans rank highest in heart Disease, lung disease. diabetes, and obesity. These conditions reflect our unhealthy relationship with food and how we think of food. We need to change this thought process to restore a healthy, balanced life.

Our Approach To Nutritional Counseling :

At Nature of Healing we help you unlearn old habits and relearn news way to see your relationship with food.
Based on an intake form and initial interview, we’ll address how your current food choices impact your life and discuss how different foods impact the body. This includes the foods as well as the energy of the foods.The final step is helping you reclaim responsibility for your food choices armed with the knowledge of what foods are the most vital. We encourage our clients to always listen to the wisdom of the body (as symptoms). The body tells the story of health and dis-ease. We empower our clients with knowledge of healthy food choices including key concepts that:

  • Food should be as close to the earth as possible. Choosing foods in their original packages, as it came from the earth.
  • Always choose foods in every meal that are alive, with enzymes to aid in digestion (probiotic foods, fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, and sauerkraut).
  • Incorporate traditional foods into your diet. If possible, include meats from animals that are grass-fed and eggs from chickens that are pastured. Pastured eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods around because they have everything necessary to create a whole chicken.
  • Barbara Cross Plains WI Working with Rosanne has helped me implement a healthier lifestyle through changing my diet. I have many allergies to antibiotics and pain medications, and Rosanne is showing me how to use diet as well as natural supplements to replace them.

  • Traci K., Sauk, WI Rosanne’s Health Plan which consisted of supplementation, detoxing & dietary changes has helped me heal my issues with Leaky Gut Syndrome and Hypothyroidism. She has suggested other modalities of therapy that have also been very beneficial to my healing. I loved that she gently reminded me that the key to healing is focusing on Mind, Body & Spiritual connection.

  • Calleen B. Milwaukee, WI Working with Rosanne has been very beneficial with improving my energy levels. I had been feeling fatigued and struggling with borderline hypothyroidism. With Rosanne’s keen understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection, she guided me to make helpful changes in my diet and lifestyle. Her open and supportive approach is inspiring! Thank you, Rosanne!

  • Shawn Madison, WI Rosanne helped me to resolve a health issue that I had for a few years. She put my fears to rest and her treatment recommendation was successful. She is kind, welcoming and non judgmental, which is important when you face and change your habits, health and wellbeing.

  • Lisa Madison, WI Rosanne Lindsay helped us a lot once we found out that the chemotherapy would not work on James’ cancer. She helped him (and all of us) have four more most enjoyable months.

  • Lili Minneapolis, MN

    “I was impressed with Rosanne Lindsay’s care during my first naturopathy experience. I’d never thought I could do so with someone living in a different state! I had wanted to try an “elimination diet” previously but wasn’t ready to do it on my own. She educated me on supplements, on my body’s needs and helped me reduce my anxiety level. I no longer need anxiety medication, and my AD/HD med has been lowered!”

    Want a naturopath who can guide you easily through your detox and believes in making delicious smoothies (and knows how to) and helps you reduce your need for meds? Ask Rosanne Lindsay.

  • Cal, Fon du Lac, WI My wife and I are in our mid to late 70’s.We appreciate and respect Dr. Rosanne’s knowledge, her zeal for natural supplements, and her desire to enhance our life style with her approach to wholesome health.   

  • Debbie Sun Prairie WIRosanne Lindsay has helped me heal my leaky gut and by doing so my body is better able to absorb vital nutrients. Now that I am absorbing more nutrients I don’t get leg cramps, I have more energy and I look forward to obtaining optimal health. I highly recommend seeing Rosanne if you are looking to heal yourself without prescription drugs or surgery etc.

In today’s ‘age of technology,’ the costs of disease and disease rates have been escalating in all age groups with no end in sight read more...