Today, there is a silent pandemic unrelated to COVID.

It is thyroid disease, an autoimmune disease. 

Autoimmune disease is not only a universal phenomenon on a physical level, but it is also a reflection of how people have lost their collective voice.


Image by <a href="">WikimediaImages</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>Silence and powerlessness go hand in hand. When we suppress our ability to speak our truth, we manifest it in the physical. Women are ten times more likely than men to be diagnosed with thyroid disease, of which 80 percent is considered autoimmune. What is happening?

Autoimmunity exits when the body decides that healthy cells are foreign invaders and mounts an attack against itself.

In this unfortunate case of “friendly fire,” our bodies become reluctant victims of our environment and of our choices—from the foods we eat to the thoughts we think. This “attack of Self” defines the Age of Victimhood within which our world finds itself during the Age of COVID.

We are the cause of our dis-ease. Victimhood is not only a state of dependency but also a wake-up call.  In autoimmune disease, the moment you stop attacking yourself is the moment antibodies cease to exist.

In Free Your Voice: Heal Your Thyroid, Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally, I share my story of autoimmune disease reversal, alongside the published science, of how an epidemic of autoimmune disease is able to manifest in a world of modern medicine.

Even as modern medicine has brought forth “advanced technology” in treatment, healing requires Nature to find balance. The key to healing is Nature.

That is because thyroid disease is really iodine deficiency disease. Iodine is an essential trace mineral that comes from food and is needed by every cell in the body. The body requires 12.5 g/day of iodine for full sufficiency. Of that, the thyroid takes 6 mg/day, the breasts take 5 mg, and the other glands, including the ovaries, grab about 2 mg. This means that a low iodine in the body means many organs suffer imbalances. 

Few conventional doctors know of the connection between iodine deficiency, low thyroid function, and fibrocystic breast disease, but the link is real. When iodine is replenished in the body, fibrocysts reverse. Since eighty-four percent of women with thyroid disease have fibrocystic breasts, it makes good sense to be informed of all the options if humanity hopes to heal this epidemic.

Iodine is critical to health and vitality because it is the main component of thyroid hormone, which is required by every cell in the body. [Note T4 hormone reflects 4 atoms of iodine]. Iodine regulates the flow of energy and restores the heat of metabolism, which turns food into energy, and regulates heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature.

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system and works in concert with all the glands, including the heart, and the brain, where the hypothalamus, pituitary, and pineal glands live. When the thyroid is out of balance, so is your glandular system, and so are your hormones. You may experience up to 300-plus related symptoms of dis-ease.

The greater your thyroid function, the more energetic, quick thinking, and sensitive you are. The lower your thyroid function, the less energetic, slow thinking, and less sensitive you are. Sensitivity is a function of the connection between endocrine and nervous system. Underlying the flow of energy is the amount of activated iodine in the body. T3 hormone (3 atoms of Iodine) is your bioactive hormone.

Free Your Voice: Heal Your Thyroid is heavily referenced so you can do your own research. The book traces the historical use of iodine in healing many diseases, and goes beyond the physical body, to the emotional body, and the spiritual body. From the seen to the unseen.

Health and disease are directly related to your choices and the consequences of those choices. If looking for specific tools, a guide to medicinal foods and herbs is found in the Appendices under Back to Basics.


In presenting the science as a backdrop to my story of my reversal, I offer an option to the mindset of “living with disease,” so that you can make informed choices and heal yourself, naturally. As part of Nature, health is our natural and true state of being.

If disease is a departure from our true state of being, it follows that if we observe Nature and Natural Law, and honor the body’s self-regenerating power, disease can be reversed and health restored.

Healing is a birthright. We heal ourselves and heal each other when we are in balance. Like health, freedom comes from within. 

Yet, in this Age of COVID, under a climate of mandates, censorship, oppressive policies and unproven synthetic medicines, imbalance is the predominant state of being in both health and freedom. Without true health, can there be true freedom?

This book was written to serve as a reminder that the power to heal comes from the freedom to choose, whether it is food as medicine, herbs as medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, aromatherapy, energy medicine, chiropractic, or conventional/allopathic medicine. Your choices ultimately lead toward health or disease. That is why your health is your responsibility. For more information on your natural, innate defense system, read Breakthrough Immunity.

When you focus attention, and intention, to healing vs. dis-ease, you claim power over victimhood, and you begin to replenish your reserves and fulfill your deficiencies on all levels of your being. If you don’t invest in yourself, who will? If you don’t love and respect yourself, why should anyone else?

As soon as you decide to love yourself, you claim your inheritance as your own healer. If I was able to reverse thyroid disease naturally, so can you.


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