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The Nanobot Evolution

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Nanotechnology is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and it is the official science. Why artificial intelligence over natural intelligence? A nanobot evolution. A nanobot evolution is a silent war against human evolution. In a silent war, legions of troops are unnecessary. Bombs are useless. Human submission happens at the nanoscopic level on the biological landscape. A bio-invasion. [...]

Induction of COVID Symptoms Via 5G Frequencies?

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COVID Not Isolated There are a set of "COVID symptoms" that people can experience.  The list may include the following, but may also not be related to COVID at all: Fever or chills Phlem-less Cough Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing Fatigue Muscle or body aches Headache New loss of taste or smell Sore throat [...]

When The Flu Is Not “The Flu”

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When is the flu not the flu? When officials change the narrative. According to officials, the coronavirus is a “flu virus” that is not influenza. On January 21, 2020, the first case of Coronavirus or COVID-19 was announced around the world. Originally, scientists claimed this virus jumped the species barrier, from animals to humans, but reports [...]

America, The New Atlantis

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The New Atlantis is a utopian novel by Sir Francis Bacon, published in Latin in 1624 and in English in 1627. View of NYC by night, USA. In this work, Bacon portrayed a vision of the future of human knowledge as well as his hopes and ideals for humanity. There is  evidence to [...]

Parasites Among Us

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Parasites, like any life form, have a purpose. They are there to clean up the mess (chemicals and metals) accumulated over time. However, the life of a parasite adds to the imbalance and disharmony to create a bigger mess. Like anything, parasites appear when the environment favors their presence. In the body, parasites favor an [...]

The Making of A Pandemic

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Remember the Swine Flu scare of 1976, when the U.S. government warned the country that Swine Flu, transmitted from pigs to people, could be a pandemic killer? Washington decided that everyone should take the vaccine to prevent a nationwide outbreak. Soon after, four thousand people out of forty-six million sued the government for $3.5 billion [...]

The ‘Climate Change’ Deception

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What if you could decode the narrative presented in the mainstream to show that seasonal weather changes are intentional? What if you could prove that weather systems are created by aerosols and ionospheric heaters to steer the rivers of the sky? What if the ships in the oceans, like planes in the atmosphere, seed the [...]

The Illusion of Choice

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As you read this, your ability to choose how to be healthy is being taken away from you without your consent. Already, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been quietly altering scientific information on vaccine inserts. The new CDC-approved inserts downplay the harm vaccines can cause. They do not list the toxic [...]

Operation Regionalization of America

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The Regionalization of America is underway. You may have noticed in the sudden changes in how life is lived and how millions of people are being relocated against their will. One sudden change can be seen along U.S. Highways where new cell towers are being erected. U.S. Wireless companies are in charge.  About 800,000 new [...]

The 5G Pushback Is Here

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You may have noticed mystery towers going up all around the region where you live. The new cell towers are going incognito, dressed as trees. Averaging between 50 to 200 feet, they awkwardly stand above other structures in order to provide good cell phone coverage. Instead of the roots, xylem, and phloem that give real [...]